Center and Radiance

An initiative path towards being in its totality: body, spirit and spiritual space.

Initiation to meditation through several techniques:

-Postures (awareness of the body, stillness of the mind)


Reach a state of calm conscience, bring meditation to our everyday life, make of it an art of living, developing wisdom and joy that allow us to be content here and now.

Initiation to Mandala as a support to meditation.

Mandala allows the integration of the body procedure by artistic expressions, through Chakras, colors and visible forms. Create Mandala gives harmony to our inner world, allows us to reach a better balance and leads to self conscience, then a calm energy will emerge from forms and created colors….

Yesterday is no more than a souvenir,

Tomorrow is only hope,

Only today is the Eternal Now

(Sanskrit poem)

Yoga Seminar:
Hanada Hadla, Art & therapy, Paris.

                          Carla Moukarzel, diploma, FNEY.
Date: Saturday the first and Sunday, the second of august, 2009
Place: Convent of Mar Chayya, Broumana, Lebanon.