The Evolutionary Power of Prana
Flow in Changing Times
(20th-23rd June 2009, yogacampus, London)
"The art of sequencing within vinyasa yoga reflects the organic evolutionary pattern in nature: where a seed pattern unfolds with an integral intelligence- the baby fren, the chambered nautulis, the movement of a snake across the earth, the way a wave rises, crests and releases on the shore. Every cycle in nature is a vinyasa. Every vinyasa, a wave. Wave motion underlies all of creation and vinyasa is the structure of these waves. From this view, the interrelated meanings of vinyasa are revealed:
Vinyasa as Sequence
Sequence as Cycle
Cycle as Wave
Wave as Flow
Flow as Evolution
An Evolution Wave Flow as an expression of Yoga".
                                                                                                Shiva Rea