A "wellness" in a Field


The opportunity to learn how to relieve stress of daily life and to gain a better physical and mental balance. 

Spaces where the group is developed through several disciplines:

- Better knowledge of mental and physical self

- Development of the five senses

- Channeling energy

- Relaxation 

Presentations, animations & initiations in several disciplines:

- Acupuncture & Digital Do-in (Reine Tyan)

- Workshops to explor emotions (Tina Meouchi)

- Hypnose (Marc Mallat)

- Morphopsychologie (Tina Meouchi, Reine Tyan)

- Psychology (Maha Rabbat)

- Theater, maintenance & attitude (Rifaat Torbey)

- Yoga (Carla Moukarzel) 

Location: Convent of the Sisters of Charity, Broumana .

Date: Saturday 5 May 2007.