Meet - to recognize

This CD invites you to schedule a rendez-vous with yourself.

"We need thousands of steps to go into the unconsciousness of the existence, and only one step to return to our souls."

The first step towards our inner soul: 

No one except the person himself can make the first step voluntarily towards the right place that is specifically reserved for him to dwell in.

When deciding to engage, our mind determines the future upcoming events. Advancing into space while listening to the spiritual intelligence, the body moves towards health, wholeness, and well-being.

There is no limits to the recommencement. Every moment is perfect to put the past behind and sow in the present which will draw the lines of the future.

"Yoga cultivates the pleasure of being good in the inner soul"

Filling of the emptiness, release of stress, remedy for tension, and relaxation postures to promote communication with the calm self: Relaxation is not an obligation but a necessity to restore the flow of energy.

Relaxation provides a voyage beyond the soul.

As you walk through the garden of yoga, you will experience journeys that are far beyond imagination. Internal resources provide a two-way ticket for an unearthly voyage for a discovery of personal wonders. In order to be better prepared to travel beyond body and mind, one must seek time.

Either sitting or lying, you need to be comfortably installed.

Inhale time, exhale eternity for so long until the present landscape is expunged to reveal a new dawn.

The flowers of yoga are the flowers of the soul