Ayurvedic foods
They help you repair and rejuvenate your body.
 Lemons help purify and nourish your body, they stimulate digestion. Drinking unsweetened lemonade helps detoxify the body.
 Ghee (clarified butter) rejuvenates, promotes longevity, aids in digestion and calms the nerves. It is an excellent medium for transporting the nutrients of foods to the body tissues.
 Dates and Figs excellent sources of energy and help build body tissues.
 Almonds are nourishing and life-supporting but be careful because their skins are slightly toxic.
 Mung Beans are known for their digestibility and health-giving qualities, they are a very light kind of food.
 Ginger is often referred to as "the universal medicine." It promotes good digestion. A thin slice of fresh ginger with lemon juice and salt, eaten one-half hour before a meal aid digestion.
 Cumin Seeds serve as a digestive aid and help remove toxins.
 Lassi is a beverage prepared by mixing one part yogurt into two parts water. It is an excellent nutritive digestive aid. 

 Juicy, Seasonal Fruits are both highly nutritive and purifying. Juicy fruits should be completely ripe for maximum healing value.
 Green, Leafy Vegetables stimulates the liver, helps balance blood sugar, and aids skin conditions. As well as being both nutritive and purifying.
 Cow's Milk is considered a vitalizer in the Ayurvedic medicine and recommended for those emaciated after injury.
 Water is beneficial for all people; it promotes digestion especially when hot.