•       From plank position, while exhaling, lower your body a few inches above and parallel to the floor.
  •       Press your tailbone towards your pubis.
  •       While static in the posture fix your tailbone and turn your pubis towards the navel.
  •       Allow your shoulder blades to move away from each other and keep your elbows near your torso.
  •       Keep your shoulders at elbow level. 
  •       While going down, pushing into the ground would help pull the shoulder blades apart in
       protraction allowing the arm bone to maintain a neutral and healthy position.

Nb: The Serratus, a multi fingered muscle, starts at the inside edge of your shoulder blade, wraps its long
fibers around your torso and grips your upper 8 or 9 ribs. Keeping this inside edge of your blade firmly down
on your back, it pulls the blades apart and down.

The Benefits:
Strengthens the arms and wrists.
Tones the abdomen.